Sunday, April 24, 2011

just updating myself

Hey friends!
......[ still loading something to say ]
Uh, well yeaaa. Still the same old me.
Nothing really special happened around me these days.

Besides working, [rolling eyes]
I've been watching lots of movies. English movies,
like Kite Runner, Get low, King's Speech, Black Swan, Bettle Juice, Rio,
Forrest Gump (i remembered i've watched this before when i was young but it really does changes one's thoughts when ppl repeated them after a few yrs.), etc.
And because i'm addicted to this Jake Gyllenhaal after Brokeback Mountain,
i've been watching almost all of his movies!
Brokeback Mountain, Moonlight Mile, Dornie Darko, Bubble Boy (this was also a second time watch), and Rendition,
Am planning to collect all of his movies =D.

What else?
Oh oh! And i received my Diana Aviator lomo cam from this USA online retailer Urban Outfitters on the 11th of April. =D
Still waiting for my lomo accessories to arrive which i bought from
I'll blog about it as long as it arrives. =)))

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