Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally free from the heavenly hell.

Yesterday has been my last day wondering ' why am i still here? '.
The picture above was my working space.
Wonder why i'm showing this?
I'm leaving, that's why.
Sorry! I should say i left.
FINAlLY!!! ( raising my arms high as if i won a trophy from the Olympics )...

...And then i'll be heading for a new job on Monday.
I know it's abit rush but i'm choiceless.

And this, no. Please.
Don't get surprise.
Their just mandarin oranges that has been abandoned
in the fridge for a year.
I wonder why did they do that to them.
Aren't they suppose to be delicious ?
And now the entire fridge smells like oranges...

Fun fair from U.K.

Visited this fun fair on 30/06/2011
with sis and dad.


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