Sunday, May 15, 2011

doo-wops & hooligans

Spending my own earnings for the 1st time on an album! =D
And it's on Bruno Mars! Lovely songs he have.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A fail portrait .

A spoiled art.

(Acrylic on paper.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mama's Day (050811)

My mama.

And a mama's day yam cake ( made from her sis ).
It looks simple but delicious!
Thank you! *thumbs up*

Went Tanjung Aru Beach with my parents on mother's day.

That's my dad. Saw him?
The one with dark polo tee on. Chating with his friend.
Accompanied by a couple wearing couple tees, shorts and shoes!
I took that pic on purpose. LOL!

Sitting beside me, watching the sea.
It was windy.

And we had our dinner at Bella Italia, Jessolton Hotel,KK.

Spaghetti was nice!


And for the pizza, it was so-so.
To tell the truth, we prefer Little Italy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A lil pinhole photography exhibition.

A Pinhole Photography Exhibition was held at Sabah Art Gallery,
Sabah Museum Kota Kinabalu on 21st April - 8th May 2011.

I went there last weekend.
It was a very small and simple exhibition about pinhole cameras.
There wasn't much things to see but i'm glad at least they have done something
to represent " The International Pinhole Day" which was on 24th April 2011. =)

Below are some pictures captured on the exihition.

Different kinds of pinhole cameras.

And this is me with a huge Diana CMYK (cardboard). lol.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wanting for so long

Uh~ you have no idea how long i've been wanting a Lomo camera.
And now? YAY!!!

I bought this Diana Aviator F+
from (USA) online store.
It cost me about 85USD (about 260MYR) including shipping to Malaysia.

The other accessories including a Diana Flash, 35mm Back,
55mm Wide & Close up lens, & 4 boxes of lomography flims,
were from (HK)
with the amount of 1,119.72HKD (about 430MYR).

Now lets have a look at my lovely Diana shall we? =)

A beige and blue aviator color matching looks so dreamy vintage to me.
I actually fell in love with it on the first sight! HA!

Changed the original lens to 55mm wide ,
applied a flash on top, and 35 back for 135 flims.

It was a total relief for me not choosing the white flash or else

I'll be having 4 colors on my cam.

Beige, blue, black & white. @_@

Will blog about my photos captured next time!

Stay tune! =D

(oh i love my cam so much! )

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